Visual Identity &Nicolson’s Shanghai

Visual Identity &Nicolson’s Shanghai

Brand Design Butcher & Seafood Store

The design objective was to create a Visual Identity for “Nicolson’s Butcher & Seafood” store in Shanghai China. The shop will open its doors in the middle of 2014 in the former French Concession in Shanghai, China.

The target clientele are expat foreigners as well as white collar Chinese with an above the average income. The idea was to create a more traditional design reflecting the image of traditional butcher shops in Europe. In China butcher are mostly seen as low class people selling their wares on wet markets or stinking street side booths, so it was important to create a logo and company design that stands for western tradition and high-end quality. Nevertheless we found it crucial to use elements which appeal to the Chinese customers, so we choose the colours gold and red, which besides yellow are the most appreciated colours in China.

The logo design itself features a negative space letter “C” symbolising the head of a bull, thus pointing to the butcher store. This negative space “C” can be used as a stand alone logo “icon” in the future.

The layout of the name cards have also been kept in a more traditional style to sync with the target customers’ preferences and giving the impression of a western style butcher store.


Picture Nicolsos-Logo-Gold-on-Bordeaux-Red by Silly Cow Design

Nicolsos-Logo-Gold-on-Bordeaux-Red by Silly Cow Design


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June 12, 2014

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