New website for web design in Passau

German Language website


As we have established our office here in Passau/Germany it is time to get a German language website up and running. Passionate as we are about web design, we decided to rebuild our entire companies’ web presence and started from scratch.

Each office destination (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Passau) will get a new look and a stand alone language version, thus creating a website in English for our Hong Kong (International) office, a Chinese language website for our Shanghai design studio and a German version for our Passau web design studio.

While entering a new market requires certainly a different strategy, we decided to move away from our single- page website approach, which has gained us a lot of respect in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Nevertheless we will keep in mind the importance of responsive web design and will make sure our websites can be viewed and easily navigated by any tools available.

We will also integrate a blog section in the new web design to share our rich experiences both in traveling and design work. Hopefully you will all like this new feature and follow us on our design experience.

Feel free to leave us some comments or send us feedback so we can improve our new website look and/or our services. We expect the new English version website to be up and running at the end of this week. The German language version for the Passau web design studio should follow by the end of the year closely followed by the Chinese website version.

Your Silly Cow Design Team

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