It’s time to write a bit about our new home Passau, Germany, the location of our latest web design studio. Passau is a beautiful old town in Lower Bavaria known as the Dreifluessestadt (City of Three Rivers), because the Danube is joined there by the Inn and Ilz river. The city’s main attractions are undoubtedly the Old Town, St. Stephan’s Cathedral and the fortress Veste Oberhaus on the mountain crest (St. Georgsberg).

Veste Oberhaus is a fortress that was founded in 1219 and, for most of its time, served as the stronghold of the Bishop of Passau, Germany. It is currently the site of a museum, a youth hostel, and a restaurant, as well as an open-air theatre dating to 1934.

The fortress is located on the mountain crest (St. Georgsberg) on the left side of the Danube between it and the Ilz, and dominates the old city of Passau, which it faces across the Danube. Below Oberhaus on the promontory between the two rivers is Veste Niederhaus, part of the fortress system. (

Veste Oberhaus boosts a range of buildings along the crest of the mountain which offer fantastic views on Passau and its surroundings. You can see the three rivers merge into one (Danube) and how each river has its own specific colour. While Danube looks brownish, the Inn river features a bright green colour which gets quickly tainted by the black water from the Ilz river.

The former fortress buildings are in very good condition and give a nice example of the lifestyle of its former inhabiters, the Bishop of Passau. The restaurant has an inviting terrace with stunning views across the Danube and the Old Town of Passau.

Only the views would make a visit worth your time, though the museum hosts an attractive exhibition about the medieval times of Passau and Lower Bavaria. For young people the Youth Hostel surely offers a attractive choice for a stay in Passau, as the surroundings are surely unbeatable and the climb down to Passau (Old Town) will only take about 15 minutes. From Spring to Autumn the city of Passau has shuttle buses running connecting the Rathaus of Passau and Veste Oberhaus which could spare you a nifty climb to the top. If you are by car you can easily drive to the top of the mountain and use the car park near the museum.

The local observatory is also based on the top of the mountain and invites visitors to join their astrologers on Wednesday nights at 8pm (9pm summer time) to gaze into the stars and of course enjoy the views of the Old Town at night. Be careful, during July and August the observatory will not be opened due to the long summer nights.

We have to say we were impressed and call ourselves lucky to live so close to this beautiful spot. I highly recommend to visit the Veste Oberhaus if you are around town and if it is just for a quick glance of the beautiful Old Town of Passau. Parking is free by the way.


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