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We have been busy in the last few months with tons of different projects and new plans we have made for 2015. There gonna be lots and lots of new things coming up in 2015 and it promises to become a very exciting new year!

One of the projects that has kept us busy was the Web Design “Nicolson’s Butcher & Seafood”, a new website and online shop for “Nicolson’s” in Shanghai, China. Due to the delay of their (physical) shop opening, we also had to delay our web development, but we are happy to be up and running now.

The system is still running on a “light” version as Nicolson’s needs to set up their entire operation first, before being able to run a full online shop including online payments and delivery services.

The website design and layout has been built in a modern, clear fashion and emphasises on easy navigation and order system, yet including a beautiful product showcase layout.

The backend is packed with tons of features such a product stock and order systems, recipe functionality and much more.

We welcome this new store in Shanghai and are extremely happy to have a new source of reliable high quality meats at reasonable prices.

Make sure to check out their online store here or even better, visit them at their store in downtown Shanghai. Say hello from the Silly Cow Team and they might just give you some discount on your next purchase!

Best of luck to the Nicolson’s Team and we are looking forward to more upcoming design work.


Picture Nicolsons Butcher and Seafood Weblayout by Silly Cow Design

Nicolsons Butcher and Seafood Weblayout by Silly Cow Design

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