Great family travel destination near Passau

2 months ago we visited the deer park Ortenburg (Wildpark) with the kids. The park is roughly 30 minutes away from our home Salzweg- Passau.

Following our car navigation system we initially arrived at the Vogelpark (bird park) Ortenburg, which lies around 10 minutes away from the deer park. (Internet research later on indicated the “Vogelpark” as a very interesting family destination as well).

The friendly staff at the reception directed us to the deer park and within 10 minutes (as promised!) we reached our final destination. There is a large car park (free of charge) just down the road, so it is easily accessible by car.

The entrance fee is 6 Euro for adults and 3 Euro for kids, they also offer a combo ticket for the deer and bird park combined (10 Euro adults/ 5 Euro kids).

You can purchase some animal food at the entrance or grab some on the way at the numerous selling points on the way. It’s well worth to grab some as the kids love to feed the baby animals on the way.

The park is well laid out with large open spaces for the animals to roam around everywhere. First you will find a group of deer welcoming you just behind the entrance. While the older ones lay in the sun and chill out, the younger ones always seem to be nosy and come right to you.

After a nice stroll along the grass field watching and petting the deer you arrive at the next section (separated by another gate) which boost a lot of goats. We were lucky as there have been a lot of little baby goats all around us, which of course made the kids more than happy. Feeding and stroking them on our way we enjoyed the amazing weather.

Next stop were sheep and ibex, which as their earlier counterparts were more than happy to follow us and beg for some petting and/or food. While the initial part is on the upper level of the park the other animals are located on the lower ground, which is accessible via the next gate, which separates the different herds from each other.

Again we have been lucky to find not only adult boars but also a group of tiny farrows; obviously this was another great attraction for our little ones ☺ On the lower ground we found many more animals, such as lamas, horses, stags, donkey and some more ibex climbing trees or anything else they can find to jump on.

The round trip will bring you back to the entrance area where we relaxed with some ice coffee and ice cream for the kids. Only then we spotted the rather big birdhouse near the entrance, which has a wide array of beautiful colourful birds. Right beside the birdhouse is a little petting zoo with rabbits, chicken and more which was highly appreciated by the children; Eric fancied a session on the trampoline at the kids playground and enjoyed the fun with other kids.

Altogether a very nice family day with lot’s of sunshine, animals and laughter. I can only recommend this destination if you are around the Passau area and wish to have a day out with the family.

Dogs are allowed except in the summer months to protect the fallow deer youngsters, which are just born.

The surrounding area is also very inviting for some walks through beautiful rape fields, forests the Bavarian hillside. We will definitely go back soon to check out the bird park as well.

The deer park is located at the castle Ortenburg that had been built in its current form as a renaissance castle in 1562. The interior furnishing of the halls had been first completed in 1800. Therefore, the castle holds interior decoration and art dating back over the course of two centuries.

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