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Passau – Hong Kong – Shanghai

A Digital Agency

We love responsive web design, photography and animation design. The Net is our home and we are passionate about social media marketing.

Forward Thinking

We have been pioneers in web strategies & design since many years, with almost 20 years of experience in web communication.

Problem Solvers

No matter what the challenge, our team will work hard to help your brand connect, succeed and create authentic relationships.

Creative Minds

Our curiosity keeps leading us down new paths which leads to new solutions, concepts and ideas every day. Creativity is our passion.

Our Story

Responsive Web Design

Hong Kong-Shanghai-Passau

In 2009 we opened our first design office in Hong Kong. Many years of marketing and design experience have been the foundation to quickly evolve into a well-known design agency in China. 2 years later we added a web design studio in Shanghai and in 2014 we returned to Germany with the opening of a responsive web design studio in Passau / Germany.

  • Responsive Web Design 90%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Corporate Design 70%
  • Internet Marketing 90%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90%

Silly Cow Team

Carsten Warga

Carsten Warga

Creative Director

Restless and curious, Carsten has left his home in a young age and explored Asia during his studies. He made Shanghai his new home where he has worked as marketing and design specialist for many years until he opened his own design company; now with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Passau Germany. He is a loving father, explorer, runner, passionate designer, photographer & social media addict.

Maggie Wong

Maggie Wong

Editorial Director

A pianist at heart and a passionate writer and journalist at work, Maggie has left her footsteps throughout Asia and Europe. Starting her career as copy- writer and editor in Shanghai, she is now a successful freelance writer and journalist, currently based in Passau, Germany. Besides her work she is a loving mother, a foodie, a traveler and a passionate photographer. In 2011 her first book “Squares of Freedom” has been published.

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